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The woman and her bot - performance                                                                         For Bookings
A lady and her robot are traversing the public street.
We throw a glance in the near future when the robot will be our companion.
The presence of the robot is fragile and carefull of nature, but sometimes wild and unpredictable.

Two spoke-wheels with a diameter 3,5 meters. Controlled by sensor-electronics. The driving and steering mechanism is based on the displacement of the centre of mass. The dimensions: height and depht 3,5 meters, Width 2,9 meters.

The performance
The couple crosses the public space. Coincidental encounters will lead to improvisation and interaction with the audience.

Performing details

  • Each roudtrip takes about 1 hour, with a maximum of 3 per location.
  • Lights: the robot carries it's own lights during the evening.
  • Dimensions: height and depht 3,5 meters, width 2,9 meters.
  • Construction time 1,5 hours. Deconstruction time 1 hour.
  • The surface preferably as flat as possible: stone, concrete, firm grass. Maximum slope of surface 10 degrees.
  • Technical provisions: 220 volt for the charging (available overnight if performing multiple days).
  • No special transport needed. Attention for the right permissions if crossing public spaces with extended traffic.
  • Technical rider link

The robot is designed and constructed by Pieter Verhees. The electronics and software are based on the Arduino platform. The wireless transmission is done bij Zigbee technology. The robot is foldable to fit in the back of a stationcar.



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  • Straattheaterfestival Woerden 25-06-2016
  • Wonderstroom Vlissingen 13 december 2015
  • Genk (Belgie) 27 december 2015
  • Limburg Festival 29 augustus 2015
  • Straattheater Festival Waalwijk 26 april 2015 13.00 - 17.00
  • 11 till 14 september 2014 - Gogbot Festival Enschede
  • August 2014 YOUrban/PLAYUR, Oslo School of Architecture and Design
  • Oerol 2014
  • PlayfulArts Festival 2014
  • Kunstnacht 's-Hertogenbosch 2013
  • Festival Boulevard 2013


Foto by Karin Jonkers

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